Susanne Davis
The Night Before KonaFriday, October 11, 2013

Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii! This is my 4th Ironman World Championship in Kona at the age of almost 42. As an athlete, coach and mom I am excited to share that when people give you the negative saying of “Oh just wait until you reach your 40′s or have kids” it could be a good thing. I really feel in your 40′s you appreciate what you have, you work harder to keep your youth and you enjoy the little things in life a lot more.

I love to work hard and play hard. This is the theme song of my Ironman for 2013 by David Guetta and Ne Yo. I have worked very hard this year to perfect my performance. I coach myself, but am always open to learning from others. My good friend Jill is a professional cyclist and I tapped into some of her crazy blocks of bike miles to see if it would give me a different fitness level. I am hopeful that it will show tomorrow on the Queen K. I also had the privilege to call up 8 time IM World Champion Paula Newby-Frazer to help eliminate any insecurities and doubts I had with my bike taper. I couldn’t have made that call in my thirties. Yes, living in San Diego, CA has the mecca of Ironman studs and gurus!

In addition this has been a very tough personal year. My husband of 12 years had a massive heart attack in April the day before the Boston bombings. His angel Tommy gave him CPR and kept him living until the EMT got there. They shocked his heart back to life and the doctors found a double coronary blockage. They performed open heart surgery with replacing two of the main arteries out of 3 that give your entire body blood. He is my biggest support with Ironman and a true fighter when knocked down. Lastly, 2 months ago my best friend Antje’s husband was killed on his bike. We all trained together, had our first child 2 weeks apart and they came to my wedding in 2001 which is the same year they competed here in Kona together. These experiences have helped me see that Kona is a gift and really nothing to over stress about. Yes, the heat and wind will be very difficult but I am lucky to be here and part of the loving Timex Team.
This race is like no other. I have worked hard and will play hard tomorrow. Just like any sport or game though, I believe, “It all goes back in the box”. Weather it’s a trophy, medal or just a sweaty towel the journey has been amazing and I love and appreciate all of the people who have been a part of my goal.
The after party in Kona lives up to the song’s lyrics of “play hard”.

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